Coronavirus Self-Isolation Ideas: 7 Ways to Prepare Your Property For Sale

If you’ve been thinking about selling your property, it’s likely that you may wish to delay putting it on the market in the short term.

Here at Norman Morrow & Co we totally understand that, but you can use the extra time you have right now to get your property market-ready so that when the time comes, your property can go straight to market and achieve a quick sale.

Like many people, you may have unfortunately found yourself being forced into self-isolation during this dreadful and unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

As businesses close and the usual social haunts are on lockdown, you will find yourself with more time on your hands. Time you would usually spend travelling to the office or just being out and about or at the gym, pub or restaurant.

A few months ago, the thought of uninterrupted time on the sofa would have sounded super appealing, but right now, due to the circumstances, we are all wishing things were back to normal.

The boredom can set in pretty quickly when you are confined to your home, as can anxiety and fear, so it’s important to keep yourself busy.

So, with this in mind, to relieve your boredom, we’ve put together our top seven list of things you can do during lockdown that will be beneficial to the future sale of your property.

1.Clear out the clutter

You know that cupboard, the one where you keep the plastic boxes? Clear it out, rip it apart. No-one needs 76 tupperware boxes, most without lids or ones that don’t fit, or empty Chinese takeaway cartons that you’ve kept because ‘they might be useful’. Bin them and rejoice in having an organised drawer full of tubs with lids that do fit. And whilst you’re at it, why not take a tip from Marie Kondo and cull your pantry, wardrobes and clothes or re-arrange your furniture to make your rooms look bigger and more inviting.

2.Touch up your paintwork

A coat of paint can work wonders for freshening up your home, making it appear brighter and cleaner. If you are self-isolating and have no way of purchasing paint, take a look in your shed or garage! Most of us have forgotten paint pots stored there, even if it’s just a tin of white gloss – that’s good enough to touch up the skirting boards or banisters which will go some way to presenting your home in a good light.

3.Clean your windows

A sparkling set of windows will instantly allow more light to flood into your home, making it brighter and more welcoming. Make sure you clean windows thoroughly on the inside and the outside. You’ll need to put some elbow grease into it to avoid nasty smears, but consider it a home workout as well. Every cloud and all that!

4. Give your entire home a deep clean

It’s important your home is ‘lived in’ and isn’t treated like a showhome, but of course, living in a home means that carpets get dirty, surfaces get dusty and light switches get sticky, so give your home a really thorough deep clean. This is more important than ever at this time but is a task you should do regularly anyway. Clean your toilets, wipe down all surfaces, mop the floors, clean rugs and scrub bathrooms to ensure that your property is in pristine, clean condition.

5. Check all your lightbulbs

It’s easy to overlook dead lightbulbs around the house, particularly those used in ‘the big light’ as many of us never use the harsh overhead lights in our homes, preferring the more ambient use of side lamps. So, systematically walk through your property and check every light and lamp to ensure they are all working. If they are not and you have spare lightbulbs available, replace them immediately. If not, make a list so that you can purchase bulbs when you are able to get to the shops.

6.Fix anything that is broken!

Now is the perfect time to finish those DIY jobs you’ve been putting off. A well-maintained house lets potential buyers know that it’s ‘well cared for’ and this is a fantastic attribute that buyers can pick-up on.

By making sure your property is well maintained you reduce the chances of a potential buyer making a low offer simply due to the fact that they see niggly jobs as a problem and a hassle to get done themselves, even if it’s only something simple such as a cracked floor tile or ugly pipework that needs boxing in. If you have unfinished jobs, make them good now so that your property is presented at its best and in a completed state.

7. Weed the garden and plant some flowers

In these challenging times we all need a bit of colour in our lives, so go outside, get some fresh air and make sure your garden is neat and tidy. Pull up all the weeds, mow the grass, trim hedges, prune trees – after all, summer is coming! Scrub down your garden furniture and then plant some seeds so that in the coming months you will have introduced some welcome colourful flowers into your garden!

We will undoubtedly face some tough times in the coming weeks, so we at Norman Morrow & Co urge you to stay safe, use your time wisely and of course contact us on 02894423291 or mathieu@normanmorrow.co.uk should you have any property related questions. We are ready, when you are.

We take the health and safety of our staff and clients seriously and have taken steps to ensure everyone stays safe at this difficult time.  We hope to continue operating as normal as possible through the coming period and will keep you updated.