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Selling your home in Spring is most certainly one of the best times for homeowners. This time of year is the most popular season for selling houses!  Christmas is out of the way and now the sunshine is heating up the market as people are ready to move into their new homes for the Summer season.  This Spring the market is blooming with flowers and keen buyers.

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A Fresh Start

When it comes to selling your property, timing really is just as important as location.  Spring is a very popular time of year to sell your home.  Most people who are buying a new house would like to be settled into a new home before the new school year starts in September.  People buying homes in Spring, usually do this so that their family have the Summertime to settle in before getting back into the routine of school.  Even if you don’t have children this time of year could be perfect for you to take time off work as it’s a lot easier because it’s not in the Summer or Christmas holidays which is when most people go abroad.  

Summer is on its way which is why so many people are trying to sell their houses now.  Many buyers want to enjoy the Summer after buying and selling a house and just have time to relax and unwind.

Spring Forward

As the clocks go forward the days become longer!  This means more sunlight meaning more opportunities for buyers to go out and look for a potential house to buy, such as your own.  During the Springtime you have a whole load of buyers who have done their research on what they are looking for and are financially ready to take the plunge into buying their next brand new home.

Sunnier Days

We have to admit it…everything looks better when the sun is out and about.  Your garden will have flowers blooming and the sun will be shining on your home hitting it in all the right places.  The sunnier days will make your home extremely attractive to buyers and allow them to imagine what it would feel like to live there themselves.  Your garden, porch and greenhouse will look extremely inviting to potential buyers.

Higher Prices

As this time of year brings more buyers, this means more competition and the potential of higher prices.  During Spring there are a lot more chances for bidding wars and a higher sale price for you at the end of the process.  During the Springtime, these bidding wars tend to happen a lot more frequently compared to other seasons in, even though all seasons can be competitive and successful.  Since the prices of property can be higher, this means that there is an increased chance of maximising the value of your property.

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